David Boles Scripts

Here are some all-career examples of dramatic Scripts from David Boles -- some have been produced, some have not, and some are process-marked, and some are not. Beware some of the hotlinks may take you to large-file size image .PDFs created from the original, typewritten, manuscripts. There's a lot here to read, and make sure you read it all in situ to get a full vision of the versioning of intention and result. David helps others write better dramatic pieces on his Script Professor website. This Scripts portal is in process and only represents 3% of his entertainment work; the contact information in the files is out-of-date, so please use information on this page to get in touch. Some works cannot yet appear here because of collaboration agreements and Copyrights; and some of these projects -- David has no memory of writing -- yet, here they live! Welcome to the arc of an author.

David Boles writing on a Kaypro 2X in Lincoln, Nebraska


Unknowable Killing of Little Boy Blue (1993)
Carving Cather (1998)
Maslova: Tolstoy Musical (1989)
Bitterness of Ash (1988)
Binding of Isaac (1991)
Straight-Arrow from Broken Bow (1990)
Bits & Pieces (1987)
Dramatists Curse (1990)
United States: Fade Away (12/14-17/88)
Hunt for Home (10/15/90)
Sisyzeck: Crack Queen of Cabrini Green (1989)
Stone's Throw [reviews] (1986)
Weeping Water Cafe [live stage] [reviews] (1/7/87)
Drama of the Body [sheet] [video] (12/10/02)
Murder in Ernest (1984)
Cracked Stained Glass (1983)
Concessions (1984)
Holed Up (1985)
Unknowable Killing of Little Boy Blue [MAPS] (11/93)
Antigone '88 (1988)


Weeping Water Cafe [TV] [reviews] (1/7/87)
Roseanne: Dan the Man [spec] (1993)
Uncle Wiggly (1991)
Toots (1991)
Harmonic Heart (1991)
Golden Girls: Big Freeze [spec] (1985)

Westborough Crusaders (1982)

Episode 1: A Grain of Sand
Episode 2: Broken Revelations
Episode 3: Intrepid Reflections
Episode 4: Excelsior [video]
Episode 5: Only a Matter of Time
Episode 6: A Blind Man's Camelot
Episode 7: The God of War
Episode 8: Masquerade of Robin Goodfellow [video]

Mickle: Impossible (11/19/79)
Waterstone Corner (1982)
Twilight Zone: Another 12-Year-Old Hero [spec] (1985)
Jojo -- stage play treatment (2/24/79)


Ischia is Burning (1993)
Deep Kill (1993)
Quake (1992)
Harmonic Heart (1992)
William Jennings Bryan: Magnificent Loser (1988)
Watershed -- First Draft [film] (1986)
Bushwhacker (1986)
Second Man's Denouement (6/2/82)
Strayers (1981)
To Be Steurling -- Jojo screenplay (6/9/81)


Coal (1978)
Growing Older (4/19/80)
Headlines (1981)


American Gargoyle: A Cloven Hoof in the Homeland (8-22-16)