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David Boles has a long history editing, writing, publishing, and working for periodicals. He began his editorial career as the first undergraduate Prairie Schooner Editorial Assistant at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Later, he became the USA East Coast Correspondent for Eyepiece Magazine, the official publication of the Guild of British Camera Technicians. David wrote many freelance magazine articles on a large topic range and ultimately became the publisher of GO INSIDE Magazine that morphed -- along with 14 other publications -- into David Boles Blogs with a twenty-year publication history of recording the truth. On this page, you will find digital versions of some of the hardcopy periodicals from his works library that survived Hurricanes Irene and Sandy -- along with a list of some other magazine articles he wrote. Some pieces may be missing right now because of collaboration agreements or matters of Copyright.

David Boles writing on a computer

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Serialized Fiction

Murder in F-flat

David Boles Blogs


Editorial and Commentary

Prairie Schooner (1983-87)
Daily Nebraskan (1984-86)
The Northeastern (1982-83)

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