"Watershed" is a film David Boles wrote, produced, and directed in 1987 as an undergraduate English major the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The short movie was ahead of its time -- using plotted jumpcuts, narrative condensation, and drama-fused danger-niches -- all directly converted in real time in the mind of the observer. The movie was filmed on location in and around Lincoln, starring Scott Young, a local radio personality, and his dedicated, and talented, children. Original music composed and performed by Devon Schumacher. Money to complete the film were provided, in part, by the 1986 All University Fund and the University of Nebraska Foundation. You will find various streaming editions of Watershed on this page. Choose the one that gives you the richest playback experience. The raw, mechanist, HD 1080p "Sprockets & Sound" version is encluded to help graphically navigate the transitional path from the film medium to the digital realm. Here are the Production Stills as well Making Of shots.


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Watershed [first script draft] [stills] [making of] (3/6/87)
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