David Boles: Human Meme

The David Boles podcast, Human Meme is now live, and listenable online at HumanMeme.com! In this endeavor, David discusses the induction of the human existence. Why are we here? How do we survive together? What is the purpose of living this human life, and what will we make of it in the end? You'll find influences on this page that help inform the identity of the podcast as an irrevocable aesthetic. You may subscribe to the Human Meme via Apple Podcasts and Spotify and Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Google Assistant, and good ole RSS! Nothing will be sold to you. There are no advertisements. Each episode runs about 10 minutes. Get in touch if there's a topic you'd like to include for coverage. Be a Human Meme!

Gordon Davidescu writes from New York City:

"Funnily enough, the Wikipedia entry for you is missing a lot of information -- it doesn't even touch upon Human Meme, which right now is in my top 5 podcasts I regularly listen to -- as someone who has read your words for over fifteen years it is always a pleasure to hear you say them and (as a side note) you sound even better than I imagined you would."

lunarpoet|matthias shares from Leipzig, Germany:

"Checking out your [podcast] website and am in love with your voice already. Have a great day!"

Here's what iTunes podcast subscriber Anthea Syrokou wrote in her five star review from Sydney, Australia:

"In this podcast, David Boles invites us to pause from our fast-paced lives and introspectively think about what it means to be human. He delivers the information so eloquently and poses questions which encourage the listener to reflect with him. Human Meme is refreshingly unique, intelligent, and thought-provoking. When David speaks, he has something significant to say, and he does this with a passion that is infectious. His knowledge on a myriad of topics is evident in each episode. I look forward to hearing further episodes of Human Meme. I know I'll be listening!"

NYCbae wrote this five star iTunes review from somewhere in faraway Brooklyn:

"David Boles is pretty swell when it comes to discussing what makes us work as people. Memes are for sharing information, and he certainly helps us through understanding why we need to keep teaching and talking to each other as humans. "Be a Human Meme!" is his outcry, and I join him in that shout from the mountaintop!"

FunFashFab exclaims this, from the UK:

"WoW! The topics you cover on your podcast are incredible & thought-provoking #love love love"


You may check out some of David's work as an Actor, Author, Director, Producer, Editor and Cinematographer on his Wikipedia page and the Internet Movie Database! Plus, make sure to subscribe to the David Boles: Mechanized Morality newsletter for insider information you will not get from his social media stream or other publishing enterprises!


David Boles: Human Meme (2016)
Newark in Black and Blue (January 2005)
Unique Youth (1979-85)
KFOR Radio 1240 Aircheck (3/16/85)


Watershed [first script draft] [stills] [making of] (3/6/87)
Terms of Endearment (1983)
To Live is to Remember (1978) [by Marshall Jamison]

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