Hardcore ASL

"Hardcore ASL" is a decade-old online teaching portal for American Sign Language started in 2004. David Boles and Janna Sweenie teach online, and in person, and they have writtten ASL books together and -- in 2008, directed and produced over 500 instructional streaming videos -- for their Hardcore ASL textbook.

Hardcore ASL Video FacialExpressions
Hardcore ASL Video HandShapes
Hardcore ASL Video Level One
Hardcore ASL Video Level Two
Hardcore ASL Video Level Three
Hardcore ASL Video Level Four
Hardcore ASL Video Level Five
Hardcore ASL Video Level Six
Hardcore ASL Video Level Seven


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David Boles: Human Meme (2016)
Newark in Black and Blue (January 2005)
Unique Youth (1979-85)
KFOR Radio 1240 Aircheck (3/16/85)


Watershed [first script draft] [stills] [making of] (3/6/87)
Terms of Endearment (1983)
To Live is to Remember (1978) [by Marshall Jamison]

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