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This is David Boles' Prairie Voice portal -- online since 1995 -- and here you'll find a reflexive river of thought reflecting a dedicated bridge of suspending ideas in amber via radio, cinema, live stage performance, books and television. David has been writing and performing and producing for over 40 years and his work has been enjoyed worldwide and internationally awarded.

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Columbia University
in the City of New York


Master of Fine Arts

Oscar Hammerstein II Center for Graduate Theatre Studies. Emphasis on Playwriting. Consecutive Shubert Organization Presidential Scholarships. Dr. Howard Stein. Consecutive Summer Musical Book & Lyric Scholarship. Al Carmines. High Honors Thesis. Grafton Nunes. Brooklyn Academy of Music. David Gordon Pick-Up Co. BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop. Helen Merrill. Broadway. Peter Stone. Arthur Kopit. The Producer Circle. Martin Richards. Sam Crothers.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Bachelor of Arts

English major. Theatre minor. Vreeland Scholar. Dr. James Roberts. Mari Sandoz Prairie Schooner Award for Fiction. Hugh Luke. American College Theatre Festival Playwright. Dr. Rex McGraw. Prairie Schooner Editor. Hilda Raz. Author of multiple, original, Nebraska Director's Theatre productions. Dr. Joseph Baldwin. First Place, SUNY-Purchase One Act Playwriting Contest. Dr. Howard Stein. Daily Nebraskan Columnist. Sheldon Art Gallery. Watershed. Dr. June Perry Levine.

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