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(NOTE: This page was originally created in 1991 at the dawn of the internets. I'm keeping it here, and alive, with its green tile and golden text as my own personal Wayback machine. Back then, this page made me a lot of money. Yes!)

My name is David Boles and I've been writing and teaching for over 23 years.  I was a founding member of Team Toshiba on CompuServe where I provided daily and peerless online peer support for Modems and Serial Communications.  I was founding Chapter Head for Microsoft ClubWin and founding Team Leader for Microsoft ClubIE.  I was also the originator of ClubWin Classic.   I have authored several books and written over two hundred whitepapers on computers and internet technology and my technical articles have appeared in prestigious periodicals like Windows Magazine, BOOT, C|NET's BUILDER.COM and Go Inside Magazine.   I've also taught university Master Classes using the tenets of Aristotle to comprehend technology in our present, everyday, lives at Columbia University, New York University and The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

My M.F.A. is from Columbia University in the City of New York, and as your "Tech Tutor" I will make myself available to you for pay in private lessons to better help you understand, use, buy, implement and execute the ever-changing landscape of computer and internet technology.  If you're curious about technology or just fearful of learning something new, I can help you navigate the new horizon of our lives privately, easily and simply and without embarrassment.

I have a proven ability to ratchet down difficult concepts and ideas so everyone can understand and then utilize the underlying purpose behind the technology.  Using time-tested and classroom-proved learning teaching models, I can help make you stronger and smarter at work, play and in the marketplace.  If you want to learn a new technology, get advice on purchasing a new system (I have no vested interest in recommending one computer brand over another), or do a live troubleshoot, or just pick my brain for kicks -- we can do any or all of that.  Be warned that while I'm fast and good, I'm never cheap.

Here are the services I presently offer. Prices vary based on what you need and how fast you need it and we can always try to hammer out a price structure that will work best for you.  All Payments are via PayPal and payment terms are half upon agreement to work with each other and the other half when I finish the work.

Telephone Consultation
In Person Consultation
Corporate Consultation
Website Design & Creation
Website Management

Send me email if you're interested in these services and we'll hammer out the details of working together.  If you don't see the product or service for what you're seeking here, send me a note and we'll make it happen.   

If you're seeking Dramatic help, you need to visit the Script Professor!

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