In the spirit of preserving the record, what follows is the original idea, logo, mission statement and design concept I created for "ClubWin Classic" on 4/20/97.

ClubWin Classic

ClubWin Classic is a return to the morals and values of end user support that used to be found in the old "ClubWin" group when Microsoft's Brad Silverberg created that support network from the original Windows 95 beta testers two short years ago. No member of ClubWin Classic is a member of the current "ClubWin."

ClubWin Classic has no association with Microsoft or any other hardware or software vendor. We are now the premier independent support group for all Microsoft Windows Operating systems. If you have a question or are in need of help -- you've come to the right place. We have re-incarnated as ClubWin Classic to serve your support needs.

ClubWin Classic is not owned, operated or controlled by any person or entity seeking to make a buck or a reputation off the volunteer sweat and blood of its volunteer members. When you see ClubWin Classic after the names of our elite membership, you'll know instantly that you've found an honest and caring source of troubleshooting knowledge.

If you're interested in joining the ClubWin Classic support group, send mail to our membership department and we'll get you onboard ASAP. Beware that there are no freebies or chits for joining. We offer you nothing more than the opportunity to serve as a volunteer to help others love Windows as much as we do. The only rule we have is that there are no rules other than being kind to each other and helping end users as best we can.

ClubWin Classic will have detailed avenues of support listed for you here soon, so keep checking back for more early and often!

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