The New School University Bulletin for Fall 2002 is incorrect for two courses taught by David Boles!

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NOTE:  You do NOT have to be a New School University student to take these courses.  You pay around $480 and you're in the class!  Classes meet around the 6th Avenue & 12th Street area of Manhattan.

The Adaptive Playwright
Wednesdays 5:50-7:35pm
13 sessions beginning September 18

The talent to adapt theatrical works from previously published entities is a powerful ability few Playwrights have effectively exploited for cheers and cash.  “The Producers,” “Phantom of the Opera,” and “Les Miserables” are a but a few examples of monster theatrical successes adapted from preexisting works.  This course begins with Aristotle’s theory of the dramatic and shifts to critical analysis of books, articles and films that have moved in to the Public Domain and are ripe for adaptation.  Ownership issues, rights infringement and contract negotiation will also be covered for works still protected by Copyright law.  You will ultimately choose a previously published piece for adaptation into a one act play, one person show, musical or full-length drama.  You will present your adaptation analysis for critique to the class and write at least a one act play based upon that work to complete the course.  This course will be intensive and illuminating so come prepared to commune in the art of making your talent subservient to a work greater than yourself.  Upon the conclusion of the semester you will have in hand at least one well-known, well-constructed and well-made dramatic work that audiences will see shining in the new light of your adaptation.  Here is the official URL course description and course number (and the incorrect Monday day and time) from the New School website to help you get your registration started.


Publish & Prosper with Technical Writing
Wednesdays 7:45-9:30pm
13 sessions beginning September 18

Technical Writing is a fast-growing and fascinating field and it can pay big bucks quickly for short spasms of work.  Before the money can flow you must first learn how to meet a demand by fulfilling a need.  In this course you will discover how to market yourself, how to uncover your expertise and how to grow an audience.  Technical Writing delivers complicated information to an uninformed audience using a method of instruction that matches their communicative needs and experience.  Educating your audience is the main touchstone of Technical Writing and you will deconstruct difficult ideas – be they running computers or rearing horses or racing cars – in a way any novice can comprehend.  You will write several quality pieces over the course of the semester so be prepared to accept direct criticism of your work while sharing you ideas and feedback to help your fellow Technical Writers soar.  Here is the official URL course description and course number (and the incorrect Monday day and time) from the New School website to help you get your registration started.


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If you want a New School Bulletin for the Fall 2002, please contact the Writing Program directly.  Please also remember the information about these classes is incorrect in the bulletin.  The information here is correct.

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