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A Place of Greater Grace

Welcome to A Place of Greater Grace.  Our purpose is to document and assist our continued attempts as human beings to leap beyond the confines of simple humanity and achieve a higher state of being -- or, more simply -- A Place of Greater Grace.  We are not our bodies.  Therefore, we must serve the essence of us through the idea of living lives of Greater Grace.

On May 23, 1998 founder David Boles had a discovery in a dream of a sanctuary of thought and behaviour where love, compassion, graciousness and kindness were the definitions of living a moral life. 

This Place
A Place of Greater Grace is the manifestation of that dream and its home is here.  You can visit and exchange ideas and spirit freely and without the fear of punishment or repercussion from the expression of a want for a more gracious world.

We are non-denominational.  If you are a member of a church or other spiritual institution, we welcome you!  If you believe in nothing but becoming greater than your potential, then we welcome you!  If you are lonely or lost and seeking warmth and fellowship, then we welcome you!

What We Are
We are not a church, though we do believe in gathering.  We are not a religion, though we are faithful.  We do not seek donations, though we do ask to enrich ourselves through interaction with others.  We are not a Cult, but we are fervent about our Mission.  We do not desire anything from you except your hand in serving our Mission to rise above the pettiness of our every day lives in favor of an extended state of Greater Grace.

What is Grace?  We define Grace as that quality bestowed unto us and that unmerited, virtuous, condition is what separates us from other living creatures and demands more of us beyond the simple day to day tasks that evenly bind us all.

Greater Grace
What, then, is "Greater Grace?" Greater Grace is the next step up in the discovery of the self and our larger abilities for going beyond Grace.  If Grace is an unmerited gift, then Greater Grace is the acceptance of that gift and turning it into something grander by being more than ourselves and everything to others in all cogent moments.

Our Mission is to enrich the spirit above our every day circumstance by deeds and thought.   We achieve this Mission through spreading the idea of Greater Grace to others and by encouraging others to stop their localized patterns of fear and inaction in favor of joining us in a perpetual state of graciousness and love.

The Means to our end is expanding the idea of A Place for Greater Grace to have meaning for all the people of the world by touching them here through the details of our common experience in the attempt to achieve our Mission.

Our Message will be available here.  These Messages will not be Bible lessons or sermons or invitations for donations.  These Messages will be as simple and as honest and as universal as possible to provide specific examples of Greater Grace existing in our lives.  If you choose to share your experiences, we will be honored to bring your story to others who share your Mission.

The Method of our Message is but a touch away!  Join us now by raising your voice in support of A Place for Greater Grace and we'll joyously add you to our member list for Messages.


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