You've Gone Inside!

Selected Articles

by David Boles 

[The following selected articles were originally published in GO INSIDE Magazine.]

Publisher's Point
Celebrate the Dead, Mourn the Living
David Milch's Active Imagination
A Monument for Hugh Luke | Palm IIIc, Vegan Clothes & the GOP 
Bagging L. L. Bean | Blood on the Bedspread
Sentencing the Judges | First Alert Cries Wolf
A Woman's Guide to Manliness | The Life of a Writer 
The Good Life | The Isherwood Indictment  
Cathedrals of Chalk
| A 1984 North Loup Photo Memory 
The Decline & Fall of FedEx | Bill Gates Gets Pied in the Puss
Why Rite Aid is Wrong | Making it Worth the White Man's While  
Charles Kuralt Brings Us Back Along The Backroads
Slumming at the Westwood Marquis Hotel & Gardens for $150 a Night
A Shooting in New York | Wnba: We Got Next? -- Get Some English First!
Slaughterhouse Publishing | The Dying Child E-Mail Scam
Finding The New People's Court Guilty! | The Golden Age of the Web
Greater Goodness | Ugly Ass Shoes that Fit Like a Glove 
Cultural Differences vs. Social Deviancy | Race for Naturalization
Casting Stones at UFOs | Sheep Cloning: Sheep Cloning  
Lincoln After Seven Years  | Epistle for the New Year
First Anniversary | January Epistle
An Open Letter to NBC Sports  
Dennis Rodman and the $50,000 Mormon Fine

The Bold Body
The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Review | The Virgin Vegan Update    
The Bullworker is Back! | Qigong Q&A with Wen-Ching Wu  
Qigong Empowerment | Tai Chi Beginning 
Wai Lana Yoga Hello Fitness | Wai Lana Yoga Easy Workout
Pilates Q&A | Pilates Matwork  
Pilates Magic Circle | Flex-Bands  
The New York City Vegan Guide to the Lower East Side 
Veganism Lowers Blood Cholesterol Levels
TVP & Y2K: Revenge of the Luddite
Birkenstocks for Vegans | Quick & Dirty Chili
Vegan a Month | Celebrating the McDonalds McVeggie
Tanita Measures Body Fat | Exercise & Eating  
Discovering Dr. McDougall | Vegan Italian Tacos
The Virgin Vegan:  Beef Boy Goes Green
On Peeing Pale | Karin Herzog Skin Care with Janna Sweenie

The Final Tally for 2001 | November | October | September  
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The Final Tally for 2000 | November | October | September  
August | July | June | May | April | March | February | January
The Final Tally for 1999 | NovemberOctober | September
August | July | June | May | April | March | February | January
The Final Tally for 1998 | November | October | September
August | July | June | May | April | March | February | January

The Extended Hand
The Compaq Presario 3015 Notebook
The Motorola 60c & Verizon Wireless  
Verizon Wireless & the Motorola StarTAC 7868W  
The Cassiopeia E-11 Sings | The Nino 300 is a Beast in Bright Skin  
The HP660LX is Funkadelic! | The Velo 500 is a Beauty in Blue Suede  
God is in the WorkPad | The Thesaurus, Rally 1000 and Tricorder II  
BugMe!, Check-In and WeekView | The TealPoint Suite  
PilotMirror |  The Natural Keyboard Elite is a Tiny Godsend
Casio DP-8000 Printer | The IntelliMouse Pro Scores a Hit in the Hand 
Kensington Keeps Your Keyboard | Casio QV-700 Camera

FrontPage 98
Netscape Communicator 4 | PageNet Pages the Net!  
Eudora Pro 3.0: The Best Gets Better!  
Gates Kicks Off the Office 97 Super Bowl!  
Word 97 HTML Design Tips & Tricks  
Office 97 Professional Whacks the Web!  
Monster Truck Madness! | FrontPage 97 with Bonus Pack Packs a Punch!  
Write the Web with True Type | Power Users Use WS_FTP95 PRO  
Norton AntiVirus 2.0: Your Online Condom  
Thumbs Up for ThumbsPlus 3.0! | IE 3.0 Throbs the Web  
Athena: Goddess of War, Mail and News  
Teaser: VoiceNow! | FrontPage Tips & Tricks  
How IE 4.0 Becomes Nashville | FrontPage 97  
MSDN is Your Secret Insider!  

No Star Shines Brighter | Homeward
Sacrifice | Falling
Moonshine | Sunshine
Mostly White Meat | Unnatural Selection

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