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My name is David Boles, and for the past 23 years I've been writing professionally.  Based in New York City, I've either written, critiqued, directed, and/or produced plays, musicals, periodicals, television shows, films, books and/or mega-media seminars for The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, Toshiba Canada, Cablevision, The Kennedy Center, Sybex, Applause Books, The United Stage, The University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Best!Ware, Live Entertainment, The Ingram Showcase, The Nebraska ETV Network, New York University, The Breakfast Tech Seminar, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Microsoft, Henry Holt & Company, Arena Stage, PBS, Canada Pacific Rail, CMP, The Producer Circle, MFI, IDG Books Worldwide, Imagine Publishing, MIS Press, c|net's BUILDER.COM, Columbia University, Go Inside Magazine, Ford's Theatre, The Bank of Montreal and numerous others.  My work as a Playwright has been seen in 16 states and 27 cities.  I presently serve as the United States East Coast Correspondent for eyepiece Magazine -- the official publication of the Guild of British Camera Technicians.

Historically, the service I offer is known to industry insiders as a "Script Doctor" -- but now I am your Script Professor where I will teach you how to heal your own scripts instead of relying on just a diagnosis! -- which means I have a special talent for fixing script and re-writing all types of writing from plays to articles to term papers to speeches.  I prefer to term myself a "Hired Gun Ghostwriter" but "Script Doctor" will do.   Unfortunately, some of my greatest doctoring jobs are impossible to reveal publicly due to contract restrictions.  That's the price you pay as a Hired Gun:  Lots of money and no Glory.  I don't mind not getting credit for some of what I write because I can carry on a successful and satisfying writing life of my own with the money I make doctoring and ghosting.

The greatest aids that have helped me become a successful Script Doctor are training, experience, education and success.  Being a script reader for several major New York City producers and agents for over 15 years, I've been blessed with a trained eye for recognizing the needs and desires of those special aesthetic interests and tastes.  I have an inside handle on what sells and what doesn't and why.  Good writing can sell anything and words that leap off the page and land the reader inside your author's will and passion are the biggest stakes to selling what you write.  My M.F.A. is from Columbia University in the City of New York.

Here's how I can help you:  If you are a writer, director, actor, producer or other person working in the entertainment or computer industry and you have something that needs to be re-written, critiqued, created, fixed or polished, I can do that for you.  I'm good and fast but not cheap.  Prices vary based on what you need and how fast you need it and we can always try to hammer out a price structure that will work best for you.  All Payments are via PayPal and payment terms are half upon agreement to work with each other and the other half when I finish the work. 

Be sure you read this first before you email me for a quote.

Critiques: You get a 1,000 word in-depth critique based upon Aristotle's body of dramatic theory as to what works, what doesn't and why.  I can't re-write or suggest specifics for re-writes (that's a different category of Script Doctoring, see below for more) but based on my critique, you should be able to re-structure and improve your work yourself immediately. 

Project Rewrites:  Varies. 

Project Creation: Varies. 

Private Mentoring:  We can go "one-on-one" live and in person if you're in the greater New York City Metropolitan area or if you're willing to pay to fly me to you and put me up for private sessions where you are.  If you don't come to me and I have to come to you for an in person session in the Greater New York City Metropolitan area, I must charge you for travel time (unless you prefer to hire a car service to pick me up and bring me to your site and another car service to return me to home base upon completion of the consultation).  

Telephone Consultation: Available.

If you're seeking Technical help, you need to visit the Tech Tutor.

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