Introducing... Me!
Jackson Catson: In Living Fur!

I Am A Bi-Color Persian

(I Was Named After Jack Nicholson Since We Both Share The Same Sneer)

Being A Persian Means I Have No Nose Or Profile!

(I Am Still Beloved by Beautiful Banana Janna and Fat Boy Dave, Though I'm Undecided About Them)

My Mustasche Is A Real Beaut, Eh?


(Why, I Have A Better Goatee Than Blubber Boy Boles!)

My 3 Favorite Things

1. Eating Anything On The Kitchen Floor That's Been Sitting There For Over 2 Weeks

2. Taking A Weekly Bath (NOT!)

3. Showing Off My One Black Toe

(See Evidence In FBI Surveillance Photo Below)


(That Bulge You See Is Jelly Roll Dave's Stomach -- He Says It Isn't Fat... He Says It's Undeveloped Muscle.)

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Copyright 1996 by David Boles